Advanced approach to the preparation of comprehensive studies and research

Jadwa company is an Egyptian company, based on the preparation of research and documented scientific studies, and the company works with the latest research methods to investigate the high accuracy in the information and data it provides to its customers, and it provides its expertise in the field of investment Through the submission documented and accurate feasibility studies, using its strength in analyzing and auditing information to help customers implement their ideas and projects correctly, also it  has been able to attract the strongest group of Professional consultants in various fields, to provide real services to its customers that help them read the reality and make the correct investment decision.

The company was established in 2013 and with God’s help we have been
able to implement more than 950 studies, 23% of which were implemented in the real world in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Qatar.

Our Vision

That the company is the true reliable foundation in providing consulting and studies services in the Arab world.

Our Mission

That the company is the true reliable foundation in providing consulting and studies services in the Arab world.

Our Purpose

Providing services based on the honesty of information and the professionalism of its analysis and documentation to provide our customers with the current and future reality of their dreams .

Carrying out our services throughout the Arab world with the same
professionalism and accuracy.

Providing the tools needed to help our customers finance their dreams and projects in cooperation with financial institutions and banks.

Analyzing of data and information and looking for future to provide real predictive information, so we care about economic fluctuations and know very well how to reduce their impact in investment environments and take the company into account in providing its services this very carefully.

We strive for perfection by using the latest advanced research methods, and the latest international programs in statistical and financial analysis to study each information Separately, to provide a realistic and audited feasibility study.

Providing customers’ requirements through (research and auditing) to provide production and modern tools, machines and equipment that help them build realistic factories.

Establishing a long-term relationship with our customers, investing for this purpose all our possibilities, capabilities and long-standing investment experiences.

500Feasibility studies clients
600Research studies clients
800Market studies clients
900Development consulting

Gadwa team

We specialize in providing consulting and economic and development solutions, and we have established more than 2000 projects in the Arab world by providing (feasibility studies – economic consulting – technical and executive consultations) in various sectors (industrial / commercial / service / health / plastic / construction / construction) / Recycling / Foodstuffs / Education..etc.) And target your businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, and those who seek financing.


Full-time consultants


Helpful advisors


Field researchers


Feasibility studies implementers

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