The investment decision is based mainly on the results of the market study, where the volume of demand for the required products and services, Then the importance of the project services and products is evaluated and the market capacity is determined, how much the volume of service in the market is estimated and the amount of the market gap. Financial and economic analyzes, in turn, are essentially based on market studies, which requires a lot of accuracy and attention to them for its direct impact on the investor’s decision, the market study also identifies the volume of future demand for the services of the project and the factors affecting it, with the aim of reaching the extent of the absorptive market capacity and establishing this project. among the most important outputs of this study are identifying the target customers and their requirements, and estimates of the volume of the supply and demand gap. Among the elements that will be covered by the study:

  • Determine the target market and its size.
  • Services provided by the project.
  • The available market volume by determining the volume of the supply and demand of the project’s services or products and estimating the demand for it.
  • Growth rates in government and private sectors for previous projects.
  • Evaluating the economic conditions in the markets and their impact on the sale and purchase of products and services of the project.
  • Factors affecting on the volume of demand.
  • Estimate the volume of future demand and factors affecting on the volume of future demand.
  • Estimates of the volume of export and import volume of project products.
  • Identifying the marketing gap.
  • The project’s share of the volume of the gap between future supply and demand.
  • Analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Limiting competitors and the level of performance.
  • Standard pricing of project services and products for competitors.
  • Marketing and promotion tools for competitors.
  • Current and future vision of investments in this fields.
  • Evaluating the price level of the project services.
  • Analyzing risks and mitigating factors: In this context, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) tool will be used to address weakness and avoid threats.
  • Develop an integrated vision about the marketing plan, marketing mix and promotion tools that can be used to achieve the target of sales.

Stages of preparing the study:

  • The first stage: collecting library data and information.
  • The second stage: Surveying in the field of providing project services and making questionnaires about the activity.
  • The Third stage: Adopting the principle of conducting a field survey in the project area after determine the working facilities in the provision of service and products for the project.
  • The fourth stage: Arrangement, sorting and analysis of data and information collected in library and sphere.

Study conclusions and recommendations:

Provide an integrated marketing analysis study on the surrounding market, survey data, the composition of market activities and the economic resource group, which can be adopted by the study and work to achieve the investment interests of the investor.(In addition to suggesting the right marketing mix for services and prices, and Promotion means). With the identification of the main elements of the marketing plan, as well as additional marketing strategies for the project.

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